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There are many different types of pests that prove hazardous to our homes and workplaces, and some that can even cause danger to our health. Luckily there are plenty of pest control companies operating in the UK today that can deal with pest problems, such as rats, mice, birds, spiders, ants, fleas, flies, moths, foxes, and beetles.

The British Pest Control Association regulates the UK pest control industry. The association promotes good practice amongst its members and presses for the highest standards of professionalism within the industry.

On this website you’ll find more information about the British Pest Control Association and pest control services, handy hints about pest control products to keep pests at bay, and details on the different types of pest causing us trouble in the UK.

Along with all this information, there is a comprehensive listings section with contact details for pest control services across the UK, including pest control in Fife, pest control in Bradford and pest control in London.

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